Waterton Glacier Relay - Race Information

Location Waterton Lakes National Park - Glacier National Park (Waterton Glacier International Peace Park)
Race Date June 20, 2015
Race Length 100 Miles
Race Start Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Border Crossing Chief Mountain (Passports required for each runner and must be with you)
Race End East Glacier, Montana, USA
Event Type Team Running Event - Relay fashion (1 member on roadway at a time)
Team Size 4 runners (Ultra team), 8 runners (Regular team), 12 runners (Just-for-fun team)
Legs 24 Total Legs - Leg length typically 3-6 miles
Volunteers Each team must bring 1 volunteer
Passports Required (make sure they are valid for race day)
Contact info@watertonglacierrelay.com
Need to bring People: Runners / Friends / Family / Volunteer
Vehicles: Cars / Vans / Trucks (No Motor Homes / RVs / Buses / Campers or Trailers allowed)
Nutrition: Food / Water / Treats
Clothing: Extra Shoes / Socks / Rain Gear / Coat
Sleeping Gear: Blanket / Pillow / PJs
Communication Equipment: Cell Phones+Chargers / Radios
Safety Equipment: First Aid Kit / Sunscreen / Toiletries
Nighttime Safety Equipment: Vests / Blinkers / Flashlights
Documentation: Passport / Driver License / Park Passes